The"concert" (Eng)


The"concert" is a movie running in multiples halls in France and probably other countries that have made the mistake of distributing this charade. Based on a (true?) story by Cabello Reyes and Thierry de Grandi, it narrates the peripatetic story of the Bolshoi orchestra invited to Chatelet to replace the Los Angeles Philharmonic which has canceled.

Brezhnev has apparently fired all the Jewish musicians from the Bolshoi in the 1980. One of them, a conductor, intercepts the telegrame from Chatelet and puts together an orchestra of all the fired musicians, Jews, Roms, blacks, in a word all the privileged minorities of the URSS and the world at large a subplot has a violonist playing the Tchaikowski concerto, for reasons to long to unfold, in the only peaceful musical moment of this two hours relentless over directed buffonery

Not a single kitsch scene of musical movies from the rich Hollywood tradition is spared us : the generic Rom music and dancing in festive surroundings that is as far from their miserable living bivouacs as the moon from earth, the interminable high decibel screaming between a party official turned orchestra promoter and a main character assembling Zero Mostel who is an absolute Golem weighting 250 pounds. The hapless conductor who has not mastered the ABC of holding a baton or giving a cue, the young violinist who manages to drop tears on the stage but can't imitate a simple bowing movement. The Tchaikowsky violin concerto provide the only serene moments and the name of the excellent soloist lost in between the 5000 names -people who have collaborated to this enormous farce. The Chatelet looks magnificent, the hall is full, the concert is a success, the folks back inucarest Moscow / watching the live Tv are overwhelmed

The Russian actors we are listening to, in poorly dubbed French, are undoubtedly unemployed amateurs working for food and shelter. Francois Berland and Miou Miou give the worst performance of a long career it is disheartening that real actors have participated in this mockery. Who are the hapless investors who put up the money for such an unqualified disaster ? Whom are they going to sue for damages ? the hapless Zero mostel look alike, the director, the photographer, Tchaikowsky ?

The Roumanian film industry has shown signs of burgeoning after choking for many years under the Ceausescu terror regime even garnering a Cesar at Cannes two years ago. We were back to Zero (Mostel) with this monumental catastrophe hailed as the great Roumanian discovery of the year.

An urgent intervention of Roumanian authorities is needed to salvage it's film industry ; it could claim the caveats of a combined production (French, Russian, Tzigane) or it could disown Mr. Mihaleanu the director, who lives all over the world, lastly it could ask the European Union to ban the film on ground's of the many openly antisemitic remarks, double entente, and not so double entente scenes (the selling of merchandising before the Chatelet concert by the Jewish instrumentalist shown carrying large bags of money to the hall) Lastly for all the low class entrepreneurs planning low budget kitsch movies you could now travel from Europe to Roumania and save on the transatlantic fare to Hollywood. Mihaileanu would provide advice. actually not sure you would save money possibly on the air fare.

par Peter Hermes