Concert de jazz : Olivier Giraudo et François Chassagnite (Eng.)




Smac in the heart of the Riviera, Nice is the town, there is a mini festival of Jazz, ain't nobody paying too much heed.


The name is Gallery Depardieu and you don't get much more French than that (possibly a relative of the famous actor) right across from the museum of Modern art. Thursday night, François Chassagnite lead vocalist and trumpet player Olivier Giraudo electric guitar and Tony Sgro bass players werre footing the bill.

"Im beggining to see the light (The "Duke") Bird's feathers (Charlie Parker), Concentrate on you (Cole Porter) and many more Classics. Olivier Giraudo, the electric guitar (on a vintage 175 Gibson) has kept company to Frank Sinatra and other luminaries when they sang in Monte-Carlo. His sharp but rounded and throbbing sound explained why. François Chassagnite made musical miracles with a trumpet that looked slightly better than the trompette your younger son uses for birthday parties, the young bass player a virtuoso in his own right. This Trio could play the "Village gate" in New York or the New Orleans Carnival.

The hall is, small, intimate located right across from the museum of modern art, the acoustic just right. There were many conoscenti there, all French

Nobody from back home to listen to American Jazz. Next session May 7th. Come one come all

par Peter Hermes