Music fest perugia 2009 bis (Eng.)


Interview with Anthony Hopkins august 4 2009 at Brufani


Antony Hopkins happened my way by haphazard. Invited to perform at a Cortona Music festival he choose to stay in Perugia's 5 star Hotel Palazzo Brufani. where I was lucky to stay too.

A gracious tall still red head Welsh he acquiesced graciously to the interview. “In one half hour I will be down” After 30 minutes of timed waiting by my Swiss army wrist watch I started fidgeting, may be I shall ring him ? There was no need, at the 31 minute he was there freshly shaved smelling good Eau de Cologne.

“I played the piano for a few years when young never well enough to become a professional and decided to become an actor early on. It was a way to rebel and attract attention and fortunately it worked. Now I appear in Cortona “coached by my wife” and enjoy the ambiance, the spectacle, the show I am doing. I am living in California and love it tucked away on the collines surrounding LA. We also spend time in London. I have composed some works and some of them are performed presently. My latest passion is painting and right now a how is on in Cortona.

Back to his immensely successful movie career (x movies, stage appearance) “What do you think will make a successful music movie ?. There have been so many and so few have met with public success “I think you would have to focus on a specific point a sliver of the artists life, not to make it biographical a moment in the artist life. “Right now I am working with Woody Allen whom I shall meet in London next week. “On what movie ?” “I am not at liberty of saying but he is a wonderful director, gives one a lot of latitude”
“Can you explain ?” “well he will tell you did you like this take or may be you want to do it again, he does this in a very gentle way “improvise he will say actually he is very shy”. How does he compare with other directors ?” “Pinter for example was very exacting very precise”.

Do you improvise some time ?” “I am careful with this, the structure is in the verse” The whole think in directing and possibly acting is is to get BALANCE. This takes us to The national English hero. Would you do a movie inspired by Shakespeare's work ?”

“It is difficult today to raise money for a Shakespeare movie” “I think I can do a good Hamlet today and I think I have missed this rendez-vous in time” I am open to many adventures I was filming a movie about Zorro when I got a call from my agent in the California desert “You want to talk to Steven Spielberg he has a part for you, so yes you take telephone calls.” “I am not bothered by people wanting to talk to me, by interviewers its my bread “Throughout our conversation there is this gentle disposition this level handed approach never letting you know directly you are talking to a legendary artistic figure winner of Ocar and many hearts. “Advice for the young ?”

“Be bold don't worry that you don't have everything” “Take the stage” Betty Grable was telling Marlyn Monroe, and I was there : This is your time take the stage”. If Marlyn Monroe was insecure imagine what other actors must feel ?” Anthony Hopkins is a ham. He mixed with youngsters of The Perugia Music fest taking tens of pictures telling lots of amusing anecdotes about amusing people imitating the rich and famous singing Opera and declaiming classics. Anthony Hopkins is a Sir a real one !

par Peter Hermes