Music fest perugia 2009 (Eng.)


Mfp was born 4 years ago in this antique- modern city the capital of Umbria. “Where is Umbria ?”
Ask most people when informed about MFP. Well its just near Toscana 1½ hour from Rome, 2 hours from Florence, 4 hours from Venice, AH those big sisters that overshadow us. Nevertheless illustrious men were born and active here Perugino the national Culture hero. Pinturricchio, Raffaello born in neighboring Urbino is said to have novitiated with Perugino and probably sipped Grappa on Corso (what else) Vanucci the main artery of historic Perugia.

Mussolini delivered his historic address in the 1920 from the balcony I can see across from my hotel Palazzo Brufani sponsors of the festival and where we are fortunate to stay. Pitted at 400 meters in the Centro Storico Brufani where we lodge oversee the Vale di Tevere and its dramatic green yellow gold cultivation lands. These stunning views have attracted famous paysagists the like of Corot and millet and is still luring landscape painters from all over the world.

Mfp is preceded by Umbria Jazz Europe's leading Jazz festival. A week after the jazz pop and rock artists have made their good bys and the town has cleaned the spoils of a a happy, raucous happily drinking crowd, MFP set up it's tent in Brufani the Hotel Palazzo lodging us and where a lot of the musical activities such as master classes and intimate recitals take place.

This year 30 young musicians and 10 Docenti from all corners of the globe rendez-voused ; America Italy, Israel, china Japan, Singapore, Russia, South America have redrawn the musical map of the world.
Sala dei Notari the “Concert hall” of the first event is a 15 century frescoed hall. Housed in the city hall hich also abrite the Umbria national museum. Next to the concert hall the mayor runs the daily affair of Perugia surrounded by oil portraits a of his predecessors and is sitted with his consiglieri in high backed leather chairs around a table 20 meters long. The first night evening was opened by Ilana Vered the international pianist musical founder of the festival assisted by Gregg Pauley who is Docente of music at the American prestigious St Paul School and Tufts University. They played the suite no 2 of Rachmaninov for 2 pianos ; fire works and Russian soul music were well served. These were appetisers for a program that comprised no less than six piano concerti (movements of). Enrique Graf who hails from Charleston U in south Carolina played along with A. Jaffee a dashing Saint Saens no 2 movement “Animato” indicates the score and so it was. There was the Ravel left hand piano concerto, The Rachmaninov no 2. others. A word about a new discovery. Mica Mc Lauurin who comes from South Carolina and has all of 14 years and an angelic face. A natural pianist, his big young large fingers dwell into the flesh of the piano with the deft knowledge and virtuoso technique a pianist twice his age This was a pianists evening and the full hall resonated with the music and applause. A natural colorist he belongs to the “impressionist school of piano players” of which Ilana Vered is the founder.

Finally two youngsters : Matteo Cardelli 16 years old Italian from Ferrara and a student of IV played Chopin with gusto and delicate feelings emporting us to slavic lands. Sean Kennard a Japanese American winner of many prestigious international competitions and just recently of the “virtuoso prize” of the Vendome competition in Lisbonne gave a masterly rendition of a Chopin work. Sala dei Notari is hot the hushed noise of the evantails felt at times as a “Muzak” effect. But it is hot in all of Europe and Italy and thankfully temperatures are falling.

August 2 Sala dei Notari evening of Bel Canto. Led by Sharon Christman a former metropolitan Opera star and now the dean of vocal department at Catholic University in Washinton D.C. “Laci darem la mano” from Mozart's Don Giovanni she sang with her hand fluttering over her heart led by youthful baritone in making, Mark Bloomberg. A big soprano voice tilll habits Sharon romantic soul a voice that has kept color and shades after many years of singing all over the world.
Asley Alden soprano sang La promessa of Rossini. Young slender and attractive just past teen age, Ashley has an impressive vocal range a steady timbre a chianti color. She is a soprano coloratura and like the song she holds great promise. Watch the Met Roster for her name in the coming years.

Crossley Hawn a petite red hair from Virginia, whose passion were horses, comes from the world of jazz pop and rock. Now a classical singer with Sharon Christman in Washington D.C. “Una voce pocco fa” Of Rossini's Barbiere di Seville got a slightly tentative treatment with some misses at the high speed thrill. She come into her own with “O mio bambino caro” from Puccini's “Gianni Sccicchi” her lovely limpid colors in good harmony with her musical intelligence. She will cross (ley) to high summits horses could never reach. Magareth Boehm and Danielle Good gave satisfying renditions of Mozart Delibes, Tossti, Puccini. All in all a vibrating youthful evening of Bel canto the full hall of sala dei Notari responding in stride.


par Peter Hermes